NSA and Rumenco: Supplementing Forage

This webinar was recorded as part of NSA's Virtual Celebration of Sheep Farming in October 2020. Join NSA and Rumenco to discuss how feeding blocks and buckets can provide an efficient return on investment.

NSA was pleased to be joined by Alison Bond, Technical Services Manager at Rumenco on Tuesday 20th October as part of the Feeding the flock webinar series, the second part of NSA’s Virtual celebration of sheep farming. Alison led an engaging webinar on the effectiveness of feed blocks and buckets to supplement forage and was joined by an audience who got involved with many questions and comments stimulating further discussion. Alison began the webinar with a detailed account on why sheep need different nutrients as part of a balanced diet, including information on why the addition of trace elements, vitamins and minerals are so crucial to maintain animal health and performance. The key importance of good quality forage as the main diet component was highlighted with Alison explaining how feed blocks and buckets should be used best to enhance this.

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