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Make More of Mutton - Supporting the UK Quality Mutton Supply Chain

A favourite of the Duke of Wellington and Mrs. Beeton, mutton was at one time more popular in the UK than beef and was eaten in both palaces and cottages alike, across the country.

‘Make More of Mutton’ (MMOM) is a National Sheep Association initiative. The purpose of this NSA project is to assist existing and potential producers to expand the market for quality mutton, and to make it once again available to all, as it was as recently as 50 years ago.

This page is a resource for those involved in the quality mutton supply chain. Information will be accumulated here about the latest research on meat quality, and an opportunity for both producers and buyers of quality mutton to make contact.

Producers' Guide
An article giving basic advice for mutton farmers "Mutton - Challenge or Opportunity?" by Bob Kennard is available for download below, with kind permission of Sustainable Farming Magazine.

Supply Chain survey
We are keen to hear from anyone already involved in the quality mutton supply chain, and ask you to fill in our on-line questionnaire (which will only take a few minutes) at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/nsamutton

Mutton Newsletter
If you would like to subscribe to our Make More of Mutton Newsletter, please click here, adding your full name to the email.


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