Westminster Visit

Calling all young shepherds with an interest in agricultural policy!

An important part of NSA's work is to aim to keep those not directly involved in sheep farming increasingly aware of the contribution sheep make to society and of the core aspects of the sector. The important messages NSA delivers to decision-makers in Government is a key part of this work.

To highlight this work to the younger generation of UK sheep farmers NSA is inviting those aged 18 to 35 interested in agricultural policy and the effect it has on their farming futures to join them for a very special visit to the Houses of Parliament. The dates of this event have had to be changed due to the forthcoming general election. These will be confirmed very soon.

The visit will include an overnight stay on Monday 13th January with the opportunity to meet with like minded young shepherds to share experiences and thoughts over a dinner at the prestigious Farmers Club. We will be joined by a guest speaker who will give an interesting insight into the world of Westminster before the group departs for overnight accommodation at a hotel on the banks on the River Thames.

The visit to Westminster will include a guided tour of the Palace as well as a question and answer session with several MPs who have previously had an involvement in the formation of agricultural policy. The trip will end with a round table discussion amongst the group over lunch before everyone departing mid afternoon on Tuesday 14th January 2020.

The visit, accommodation and food will all be funded by NSA Next Generation. Those joining the trip will be expected to pay for their own transport costs.

To apply to be one of up to 12 individuals joining this trip please complete the form below. Applications close at 10am Friday 20th December.


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