Further progress made on veterinary attestations

4th October 2023

A further meeting took place on Thursday (28th September) between Defra and industry to keep the pressure up on preparing for the introduction of the requirement for farms to have had a veterinary attestation in order for products to be exported after 13th December this year.

Phil Stocker comments “NSA has been talking openly about this impending requirement for nearly a year now and we have stepped up our messaging through the summer. The message remains farmers should take advantage of any vet visit to ask for an attestation to be provided as part of the this. Assured farms will comply automatically, and farmers taking part in the Defra Pathway Animal Health and Welfare review in England will also satisfy the requirements. Other farms can get attestations on request from their vets following a farm visit."

Defra has shared a Q&A providing more detail on how this information will be communicated through the supply chain, which can be downloaded from this page.

Vet attestations - Letter to livestock producers (Oct 2023)

Defra Q&A