Scottish Government Issues Supporting Information Regarding CAP Convergence Payments:

28th January 2020

It has been announced by the Scottish Government that an additional £10 million would be provided this year to Scotland’s farmers and crofters with the anticipated £70 million will be paid by the end of March 2021. The funding will be distributed 30% to BPS Region 2 and 70% to BPS Region 3 – ensuring it is distributed to those in greatest need. Alongside this A cap of £55,000 will be applied to the Basic Payment element of the convergence funding allocation. The initial £80 million of convergence funding was announced to support active farming, with a focus on those who farm in our marginal uplands, hill farms and island areas. This included £52 million to be paid across Basic Payment Support regions. (

NSA Scottish Region Chairman Jen Craig comments: “We welcome the announcement detailing the allocation of the additional £10million, this additional money being allocated to Regions 2 and 3 will be supporting farmers in some of the most fragile areas of Scotland.