NSA Next Generation Event 2017
NSA Next Generation Event 2017

Wednesday 15th November, Welshpool Livestock market

Are you aged 35 or under with a passion for sheep farming? If so, join us for our 5th annual Next Generation Event, this year held at Welshpool Livestock Market, Powys on Wednesday 15th November.

The event is free and aims to inspire and inform all those who attend, whether just starting out with a sheep enterprise or looking to take on more responsibility in the family farm.

Don't miss out! Find out more about the event and book you place                                                                                  at www.nsanextgeneration.org.uk/event

NSA Next Generation
NSA Next Generation

The sheep sector into the UK needs innovative, enthusiastic and professional young people coming through in order to survive. NSA Next Generation is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the sheep farmers and service providers of the future.

This website collects lots of information useful to young people in the sheep sector, whether you’re farming in your own right, starting to take more responsibility in a family business, just beginning as an new entrant or one day hoping to get into the sheep sector. Take a look around – and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or have some new information to share, please get in touch.

NSA events for young shepherds
NSA events for young shepherds

This summer has seen five skilled young shepherds from across Great Britain selected as Young Shepherds of the year for their regions. These five winners (and runners ups from the sheep events this year) will now go on to represent their regions in next years national final at the Sheep 2018 event at Malvern , Worcestershire on July 18th.

Several regions are yet to hold their young shepherds events or will hold further events before the national finals next year to find their regions best young shepherd. If you are interested in competing and getting involved then please visit www.nationalsheep.org.uk/events. (This page will be regularly updated as we approach upcoming events.)

Did You Know?

NSA runs a series of regional Young Shepherd Competitions, as well as a biennial national final. We also support a UK team in attending the European and World Finals. More here.

NSA helps young people find work experience, college/uni work placements and employment in the sheep sector, through our network of farmer members. More here.

NSA supports its sheep farming members by promoting those farmers in need of lambing staff. Agricultural students and trainee vets can use these valuable work experience placements to gain vital skills. More here.

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