Jodie Swan

16th July 2020

Watch NSA Next Generation Ambassador Jodie share some of her farming life in Cumbria.

Jodie Swan from Cumbria is part of the NSA Next Generation group of Ambassadors for 2020. In this video Jodie shares some of her work as a contract shepherdess and with her own flock of Mules and North Country Cheviots that she has built up with help from the Princes Trust and Farmer Network.

Update - December 2020

Since starting with the ambassador group back in February my business has grown in different ways, I managed to gain more land back in June of this year therefore expanding my flock by a third. I have also become involved in the MSD pilot core vaccination project which I got involved with through NSA. I am finding this hugely interesting and I believe will be a huge benefit to my flock, I am looking forward to monitoring their productivity and assessing how vaccinating will improve on this over the coming years.

Covid has not had a detrimental effect on my business but did reduce some of my self employed work throughout the first lockdown. People were reluctant to have anybody on farm, therefore losing parts of my income but I was very fortunate to have had a lambing contract to see me through that tough period.

Looking to next year I am hoping to see the benefits of my new vaccination plan and comparing with others who are participating and I look forward to seeing what my new sheep and bloodlines will add to my flock.