Beth Jones

16th July 2020

Join NSA Next Generation Ambassador Beth as she tells us about her family farm in Herefordshire

Beth Jones farms with her family near Hay on Wye in Herefordshire. In this short video she tells us a little about her life as a shepherdess and daily life on a family sheep farm.

Update - December 2020

Even though this year has been incredibly strange it seems to have aptly "zoomed" by. We are lucky to live and work in the countryside and have the space to appreciate the land and all the livestock that look after it and this year has brought this home to us even more. Of course, sheep farming has carried on as normal and it's now the time of year when the tups are in and you wonder how it can be time for lambing again soon? So far the weather has been kind this year, so fingers crossed for a kind winter too.

Covid seems to have magnified the difference in support for sheep farming within the devolved nations which is a shame considering we've all got the same goal, let’s hope the government appreciate their food and back British farming as a whole, we are one island after all.

Update - April 2021

Most definitely the busiest few weeks for all sheep farmers, pretty sure the majority of us are sleep deprived, but with support from friends, family and faithful sheepdogs the long days and late nights can seem bearable! We have been incredibly fortunate with the weather, as we lamb outside its been a huge help so far.

Lets hope with the country starting to come back to some normality it would be great to see the public carry on to choose to support British lamb and it would be a huge achievement for British sheep farmers if we could create a new and exciting market for our wool, one of the most natural and sustainable products that exists!

Looking forward to catching up with others at market soon.