Sheep Breeders Round Table 2021

NSA is a huge supporter of SBRT and has been since its conception. Along with the rest of the SBRT Organising Committee, with Covid-19 restrictions continuing to have an impact, NSA is supporting SBRT 2021 as an online, week-long event. The online platform for the sessions has been provided by AHDB.

A week-long programme of free-to-attend online sessions

  • Monday 15th November, 12 noon with AHDB.
  • Monday 15th November, 7pm with AHDB.
  • Tuesday 16th November, 7pm with HCC.
  • Wednesday 17th November, 7pm with QMS.
  • Thursday 18th November, 7pm with AgriSearch.
  • Friday 19th November, 12pm with NSA - plus closing remarks from Charles Sercombe, SBRT Chairman.

For those of you who long for a face-to-face event, this year’s 2021 programme will not replace the familiar three-day face-to-face conference but act as ‘teaser’ event, highlighting the current research around breeding and genetics in the sheep sector. Hopefully, this will tantalise your tastebuds and keep you satisfied until the traditional 2022 conference can take place. This is planned for Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November 2022.